About us

Bugs Detective is a testing company founded by testers. We are a bunch of test enthusiast. We provide the needs for our customers to deliver spectacular digital experiences into the real world. In our fast-evolving digital landscape, we believe on innovative ways of testing software. We are filling the gap in today’s accelerated digital development, providing solutions that better fits software development for today and tomorrow.

We believe in humanizing testing to create customer loyalty in every digital experience people have with brands. At Bugs Detective, testing is a way of thinking. We see the world in different context and in the diverse possibilities of what can happen.

We simplify testing process and produce what really matters, to achieve this we believe in both technology and the human factor. From start-ups to enterprise organization, we have testing packages to suit your budget and requirements. We test software to make it SPECTACULAR.


Android App Testing

Scalable and Fast Android Application Testing

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iOS App Testing

iOS application and iOS mobile platform for your customer centric needs

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Web App Testing

Web Application Testing for Your Online Gems

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Desktop App Testing

Desktop Application Testing for Remarkable Experience

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