Bugs Detective
Bugs Detective in Vulcan Post

This article is first publish in Vulcan Post

  • Bugs Detective is a Malaysian team founded in March 2018 specialising in software testing and debugging for other software developers.
  • The team consists of Kamil Khaidir and Faizal Fazlil Illahi, who work on applications for mobile, desktop, and web platforms, offering an affordable price.

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Regression Testing Header
I can't login to my app after the new update!

John is a frequent user of app ABC. He uses this app whenever he wants to do his online shopping. Now, he wanted to buy some stuff. As usual, he will open app ABC and make his purchase there. Unfortunately, after the new update, he can’t even login to that app. After trying for the 3rd time, he just gave up, he left some bad review and comment on the playstore due to his dissatisfaction. Since there are a few similar app out there, John decided to download a similar app, which is app XYZ and make his purchase there.

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Bugs Detective in News Straits Times

This article is first publish in News Straits Times

By BALQIS LIM - March 5, 2018 @ 7:37am

Two friends team up to seek and destroy software/app bugs, writes Balqis Lim

WHEN Kamil Khaidir Roslan and Faizal Fazlil Ilahi receive requests from companies that want to launch a new app or online service but are not sure if there are bugs or flaws in the system, they will engage their team of crowd testers from around the world to test and locate the possible bugs and flaws in the system/app and fix the problem before it is released to the public.

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How Defective Apps Can Kill Your Business

This article is first published on Linkedin

In today’s world, many businesses are changing their modus operands by embracing the internet and going digital. Most of these are accomplished by the use of “apps”. The word app has become very popular, and in 2010 was listed as "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society.

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#TestingSharing - Contribute to the community!

A part from helping our clients to deliver high quality apps, we also want to make testing a fun experience!

Therefore, we would like to invite you and all software testers out there to share anything related to software testing! Doesn't matter if it’s your experience, challenges, your thoughts, testing process or anything as long as it’s related to testing and can benefit the whole testing community!

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