Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit(MAMPU) drives software testing to raise public sector IT quality

The heat is about to be turned up on software vendors who, taking advantage of poor project management knowhow on the part of the government, have gotten away for years with delivering sub-par IT projects to the Malaysian government.

With increasing digitization of government services, these projects fail the user experience test when deployed to citizens, with the government taking the heat when irate tax payers take to social media to vent. But the government is striking back. Mampu, which stands for Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit and is the defacto ICT lead agency for the government, is working with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to tighten a procurement circular that since 2013 has encouraged all government agencies embarking on software development projects deemed to be critical and of high impact to deploy third party testing.

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