Test Plan - Creating Test Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail

As per this saying, anything that we do, we will need to have a proper planning. Not only in testing, but basically everything else that we want to do, we need to plan. Either we're going vacation, house renovation, etc. But here, I'm going to focus on planning your test. Each organization or individual have their own way on writing this, for me, there's no right or wrong to write this as long as it's working for your project/organization, then it's all good. Take this test plan as a baseline and update it from time to time depending on your needs. This test plan is to let the audience knows how the testing is going to take place in project. This is how I do it, feel free to change or customized it based on your needs. Below are the aspects that will have in the test plan.


  • Introduction on the project. Purpose of this documents, when is this document created and created by whom. Just a normal introduction stuff.


  • In my opinion, this will be the most important point. Basically, in this section, you're going to write on the list of functionality or features that will be tested and wont be tested. The scope needs to be analyze properly. Over commit on the scope might delay your testing due to timing and under commit on the scope might leave the functionality untested.


  • Test preparation - Test Scenarios, Test Cases writing and uploading, gathering test data, setting up environment, users enablement, etc
  • Test Execution
  • Test Cycle - How many cycles and start and end date of each cycle. This timeline should match the overall project timeline created by Project Manager


  • List all resources that will involve. Who is to do what. This list not only contains testers but also product owner, environment owner, etc etc

Test Strategy

  • I will write another post just for this section. To give you the overview, this section will list all the types of testing that will be conducted in details. E.g. Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, etc and the coverage of each testing type.


  • What/which environment the testing will be done? Any integration of the 3rd party environment? - Who own the environment. Any process on getting the environment ready?


  • What tools are you using? E.g. HP ALM/Jira for Test Management tools or HP UFT/Selenium for automation.

Defect Management

  • Defect Management process. Stages/status of defect before it's getting close. How about if it's a change request ant not a defect - Type of defect and the process of closing each one of it.


  • Status report - Daily or weekly? - Meeting - Status meeting or scrum?


  • Risks and mitigation plan. What is the impact of the risk.

Entry and Exit Criteria

  • What is the entry criteria in order to start testing? Unit Testing done? or is it any known defect that will be brought over from Unit Testing? or Data Migration needs to be complete? - When to stop testing? E.g. 100% test execution with no critical and high defect.


  • List of stakeholders that will approve the test plan.

That's about it. Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiry.

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