6 reasons on how crowdtesting can improve your sales and business.

Crowdsourced testing or crowdtesting is an emerging trend in software testing which exploits the benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of crowdsourcing and the cloud platform. It differs from traditional testing methods in that the testing is carried out by many different testers from different places, and not by hired consultants and professionals. The software is put to test under diverse realistic platforms which makes it more reliable, cost-effective, fast, and bug-free. In addition, crowdsource testing allows for remote usability testing because specific target groups can be recruited through the crowd. * (Wikipedia)

In a simple term, crowdtesting is basically a software testing process that is done by the crowd with real-world setting e.g. real devices, real People, real network etc.

Either it's crowdtesting, outsource testing or even in-house testing, app testing is very important and crucial for your business. Without a proper testing being done to your app or system, it can lead to serious damage to your business.

Imagine a few scenarios:

Scenario 1:

- It’s end of the year. You will be having a xmas sales or year-end sales. Thousands of users log in to your site, unfortunately, your site is down due to heavy load or maybe there’s an issue of querying the database. Where will your users go? Of course, your competitors!

- A user with an item the cart, upon checkout, there’s an issue, the cart is empty. The user tries to add the items again to the cart, unfortunately it went out of stock due to a lot of other users are trying to buy the same item. Your user will leave a bad review and ratings to your app, this will impact your prospect users to download your app and eventually, they will go to your competitors!

- A customer check’s out and made the payment. While trying to make the payment, a bug in your system takes action, the credit card is already charged, but the order status is not updated yet and you did not receive the payment. Of course, the bank might return the money to you, but your customers are not going to trust your app anymore. Again, they will leave bad reviews and bad ratings and it might scare prospect users since it involves money. The worst is, social media posts, catastrophic if it became viral! It will be your worst nightmare!

Scenario 2:

There’s a new guy signing up to the gym. Since he’s a newbie, what he did is he went to Playstore n start looking for gym apps. Since there are a dozen of gym apps in Playstore, what he did was he checked the ratings! Based on the ratings he then downloads the app. Imagine that one of those app has a bad review like the ones below, imagine its your app: Do you think this guy will download your app?

Playstore Bad Review

We believe you get the idea now on the importance of testing your app thoroughly. So now, you have made up your mind that you need to test your app, the question now is, to crowdtest your app or to outsource your app testing altogether. (for testing outsourcing, please read this post HERE)

Reasons how crowdtesting can help improve your sales and business:

Real world settings:

Crowdtesting is done by real users with real devices and real location. By crowdtesting your app, basically you are going through series of tests by actual users that might eventually be your customers. You are putting your app in its real lifecycle environment. By giving the crowd to test, validate and verify your app, you will get real feedbacks from the perspective of real users.


Eventually, you will want to expand your business to a new market. E.g. currently, you are only focusing on the Malaysia market but you want to expand your market to Vietnam. Yes, you can use an emulator or a simulator but it will not cover all the aspects. For example, the network connection. Not only that, the language and character is different. You might have no idea how the user behavior will be. To setup an in-house testing team and you might need them for short-period of time will cost you a lot. Hence, crowdtesting will be the best solution for you and your business!


To cover all the devices fragmentation and OS version will be quite impossible. By having crowdtesting to test your app, you will get the idea on what devices and OS you should test based on the information that you get from that specific location. You can prioritise which devices and OS you should give more focus to and which one are lesser.

Network coverage:

As mention above, you can use an emulator/simulator to test your app but you can’t get the precise results due to various context of usage in the network. The bandwidth, the speed will be different based on location. With crowdtesting, you can tackle this issues since testing is done by real users, real devices in real location with real network provider.


Crowdtesting is affordable and fast. You will have a large pool of testers with different type of expertise based on your needs for you to choose. You will reduce a lot of cost on hiring the right expertise to test you app.


Crowdtesting runs in a short-cycle. You will get your result in 24-48 hours. You can start your testing immediately without the hassle of hiring process and finding the right candidate that might take up to 6 months for you to find the right person.

Let’s start today! If you want to see the difference and learn on how crowdtesting will give an impact to your business and sales, contact us now!

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