The Bad, The Ugly and The Good Mobile Application Comments

You spend a fortune on your mobile application development, the plan must work. Test your app. In today’s digital economy your mobile application is your face, it is the face of your business. Accessible to the number of potential users amounting to levels never imagined possible, your application defines who you are. It is the first thing that your user, customer, literally everybody will see and react on who you are, what you do, what you sell and how you can help them.

Your potential users they do not know you, they do not where your offices are, they’ve read about you somewhere and decided to take the next step to choose your app for whatever purpose it may be. They do not go your office to check you out before they buy your product or use your services, the used to be like that but not anymore.

All they see is applications listing on Google Play and Apple App Store and what they see is your tiny icon, the ratings and best yet the comments posted about your app by your current or previous users. People who have already use your app are talking about your app and anybody can know what they say about you. When deciding whether to use your app, these comments counts. Here’s how we classify those comments

The Bad

Well you have done some form testing on your app but when it reaches the users pesky little things start showing up. Functionality seems to fine but in real life usage with real networks and real diverse devices performance issue takes its toll. Your recent app update caused new issues, remember fixing a bug may lead to bringing life to a new one. Your device coverage or your test emulators were not sufficient for the real world. You failed to consider your target users, the app may have no flaw but lagged the standard of your intended users.

The Ugly

We do not really understand how this could happen but it exists, we experienced it ourselves. All the money, time and energy spent on developing the app. Better not be your money, time and energy. In the actual world, not everyone is willing to express their experience towards your app in comments, most of users would just uninstall and move on.

The Good

Finally, an appreciation and a conformation. A statement of truth about quality experience from a user with real practical usage context.

All these comments are seen by your potential users more importantly your potential customers. You could be providing fabulous services, doing a great job at what you do, selling quality products but if you have the bad and the ugly on your app your potential customers don’t see you anymore. Your app will not be chosen to get that small special room on user’s mobile device.

Your mobile app is much more than a tool to help your business, it is a bridge that connects relationship with your customers and therefore it is personal. That is how significant it is for you to have a superior quality mobile app that provides outstanding digital experience to support your business.

Faizal Fazlil Ilahi
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Co-Founder of Bugs Detective. An avid software tester with love for quality. Keen eye on functionality with experience in all spectrum of software testing life cycle.

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