QTP/UFT on Mainframe (Attachmate EXTRA!)

I am required to do some research about QTP Automation on Mainframe (Attachmate). So, I did some digging and browsing around the net, and here is the working version, well, at least for me. As for now, it’s working fine but later, if there’s a new finding or something, I’ll keep you posted.

First of all, you need to have Terminal Emulator TE add-in. To install the TE add in, In QTP:

  1. Install TE add-in(if required)
  2. Open UFT/QTP setup.exe
  3. Select modify
  4. Select TE Add-in setup
  5. Follow the instructions to complete installation.
  6. Open QTP, on the Add-in manager window, select Terminal Emulators Add-In.
  7. Select Tools > Options
  8. Click on GUI Testing and Select Terminal Emulator.
  9. Select Attachmate (WRQ) in Vendor drop down
  10. Select Extra 9 in Emulator drop down.
  11. Select auto-detect in Protocol drop down.
  12. Click on OK.

HP QTP/UFT Terminal Emulator

In Attachmate:

  1. Open the session.
  2. Click on the Options >Global Preferences.
  3. Select Advanced tab.
  4. In HLLAPI Short Name section select Short name “A”.
  5. Click “Browse” button to select file to associate Short name with a session.
  6. Click “Apply”.
  7. Under Options > Settings, select “Display”.
  8. Modify “Graphics display options” to select 3270PCG Model.

HP QTP/UFT Terminal Emulator

That’s about it!! For now, it’s working fine. It’s able to recognize the objects, navigate and do some basic functions.

But, some other blogs might have different configuration and settings. If this is not working for you, maybe you can try other ways to do this. Here are few blog that I refer while working on this: