Why We Love Testing Mobile App (And You Should, too!)

In this recent years, we can see the booming of startup companies and mobile apps. I've asked my good friend, "Mr. Google", it stated that in May 2017, there are about 2,200,000 apps in the App Store and 3,000,000 apps in Google Playstore.

Before I go further, do you know that based on the recent survey that's conducted in the U.S, about

80% of users will abandon the app due to bugs?

What is the impact of that? if the users leave a review in the appstore or playstore, then it will give a bad reputation for the app and maybe the company too.

Minus the unique/popular app like facebook or instagram, but for me, if I want to get a new app, I will check the review first. Example, I want to use a gym app, if you go to appstore, there will be a list of gym app. So, how do you know which one is the best? Of course, I will read the review and rating first!

Even though most of the time, I am working with big organisation, but I always have this interest to work with startup. The culture, the pace, makes me want to be close with the startup. It's kinda interesting. So, based on my experience, going through interview, freelancing and some other sources, most of startup that has an app, are not really testing their app. Well, they tested it, but not thoroughly. They tend to ask the developers to do the testing. Let me go through the issues that I found on the mobile application testing and startup companies (based on my experience):


Cost will be the main concern of anyone or any company. Most of the startup company has limited funding. To build a testing team cost them a lot. In order to still test their mobile application, they will utilize the developers to do the testing. Below are few more points related to the cost:

Test Management Tools:

Not only testing team, to get the test management tools itself will cost a lot. Without a proper or centralize test management tools, your team will be confused and bugs might not get updated. On the management side, it's hard for you to track the progress of your testing.

Mobile Fragmentation:

This is another one of the big issues. For you to buy all the devices and supported all the OS will be a pain. The cost itself will cost you a fortune. Some will go for simulators/emulators, but with this, you can't really get the precise results due to some constraints such as network connection etc.


Since your mobile app is in the appstore/playstore, it will be available worldwide. Some of the startup also will expand their market to other countries, but to setup test team for every single country that the company try to break in, again, will cost you a lot. You might just need them for a short period of time. Again, some company will use emulators/simulators, but with this, you wont be able to test the real network connection and maybe the language characters itself because some countries has their own language characters. Without testing this, you might not know what is the impact and the customers experience might be bad.


Since the testing is done by developers, your mobile app is not tested thoroughly by the right expertise. This might be a controversial statement, but the testers mindset and developers mindset are different. Developer tends to test the mobile app only on the pass/right path so that they can deliver it on time. They don't have enough time to see in every possible way because they have app to build! While tester mindset is basically to check and verify in every possible way on how this app can fail. The end goal is still the same, to ensure that we delivered the perfect mobile app to the customers and hoping that less defect will be found by the users after the mobile app is live.

Time Consuming:

Your developers are supposed to focus on building the perfect mobile app. Not testing! Since the developers is the one that do the testing, you have consume their time on development and now they need to testing as well. Sometimes, they also are the one that needs to research on the testing tools, etc etc. This will not only consume their time, but it shift their focus as well while what they should do is just focusing on development, so that they can build the perfect mobile application for your customers.

There are more issues and problems I found throughout my experience but these are the few major issues that I always got from the startup companies. If you want to start to test your mobile app but with limited resources/budget, do not hesitate to contact us. I would be more than happy to help you and your team!

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