Localization Testing

Localization TestingLocalization testing optimizes your product’s appearance, language correctness, and cultural standards for target regions across the globe. Localization testing helps to tailor your product to existing particularities. Localization testing is a key in the effort to go global.

To champ in the global market is an exciting challenge. Are you ready? Your product should be flawless anywhere in the world. You can’t predict how your product will be perceived, one thing left to do is to test it out. Localize your software. Interesting to know that 4 out 5 top revenue generating countries on Google Play are non-English speaking.*

Our detectives are located across the regions, they know what works best to enter their arena. Our localization testing takes into account from metaphorical design to language issues to bidirectional UI while making sure that efforts to localize product does not break your fine product. Our method includes test case execution and exploratory testing.

* App Annie 2016 Retrospective