Mobile Testing

Mobile TestingMobile testing is substantial for businesses. In the mobile app economy usage is the most important metric, 25% of users will abandon an app after a single use*. Time spent on mobile apps is growing fast and it is getting harder by the day to get your users’ attention. Mobile testing ensures the survival of your app.

Mobile Apps with higher ratings and usage usually mean one thing, frequent updates and bug fixes. Continuous mobile app testing combined with sufficient test coverage ensures your customers digital experience to be top of the class. The distinct nature of mobile apps on how it is being use and applied on is a maze.

The many types of mobile devices, languages, platforms and networks are just some of the different context by which your mobile app will work on, Bugs Detective have you covered. Our iOS and Android mobile testing solution and experienced detectives, together with our custom test management process shines out the quality of your apps.

Absolute mobile testing can be done cheaper than you thought possible. Let’s put more stars on your app rating.

* Localytics research