Usability Testing

Usability TestingUsability testing answers the question on whether your users feel comfortable with your mobile, web or cloud-based app according to various parameters. Usability testing puts your application in the hands of real user in the real world. Usability testing services give direct input on how real users use your app.

Is the application easy to use? Is it easy to use for certain group of people or for everyone? Question the user interfaces, page flows, navigation, layout, speed, content and more. Usability testing is very useful in comparison with prior release versions or a similar existing product.

Why Bugs Detective is your perfect solution for usability testing? We have 2 key features necessary for usability testing, numerous testers with a diverse range of user behaviour patterns and multiple devices to test on. Participants performs common user actions and provide feedbacks on problems encountered, friendliness of the product and also general unbiased impression.