Why Us

Independent testing

Unbiased, we are a software testing company and software testing is what we do. We have no allies in software development works on any projects and we do not have development in our portfolio, thus making us the purest software IV&V company to partner with.

Professional software testers & diverse community of users

Bugs detective was founded by software testers and we love what we do. Our testers are vetted and evaluated personally so that you will work with the best talent. Our testers are also users from diverse background which brings different user perspectives and context in testing. This elevates quality assurance on a higher level.

Accelerate time to market

We handle your testing needs so that your team can focus on developing other things like never before.

Real world settings

Nothing beats the real thing, living environment and on the streets, testing in different context variables like usage habits, network provider, browser, device types, device capabilities and more. Assuring your product for the real world.

Access to the nation’s largest pool of testers

The number of talented detectives in our pool grows as we have professional testers and users in Bugs Detective Community. Become a tester and let’s crash bugs together.

Target demographics, devices, browsers, OS and more

Our detective’s backgrounds are diversified by age group, professional background and interest using various devices, browsers and more. This allows us to target your product users or even more fun we can expand your product user scope.

Beyond just testing

Customer’s digital experiences is equally important to a bug-free product. Assure customer loyalty by addressing insights from our detectives on things like ‘what could have been done better?’ or ‘Having this and that would be nice’.

Meet our team

Kamil Khaidir Roslan

Founder & Principal Consultant. A passionate software tester with extensive experience in software testing. Involved in various type of testing with various type of clients, locally and globally and also involved in giving training on software testing and enterprise tools.

Faizal Fazlil Ilahi

Co-Founder & COO. An avid software tester with love for quality. Keen eye on functionality with experience in all spectrum of software testing life cycle.